Dubai//United Arab Emirates//2000-11-06

ACI It's a Very Good Thing You're on Our Side

While visiting Assassin hideouts across the globe, Daniel Cross was attacked and sedated. When he awoke, he found himself in Dubai, in the presence of the one he had been looking for: the Mentor.

The leader of the Assassin Brotherhood told Daniel that his peculiar visions throughout the years had made him a subject of interest for some time. The Mentor told him of his hopes to formally induct Daniel into the Brotherhood and to possibly appoint him as his successor as Mentor.

The Mentor took out his own hidden blade and presented it to a humbled Daniel. As soon as the bracer was fastened around his forearm, it triggered conditioning implanted during his childhood years back in Abstergo. Awash with a flurry of visions and no longer in control, Daniel plunged his blade into the Mentor's throat, killing him. As he regained his senses, he panicked and performed a Leap of Faith from the window into the water below.

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