ACS Isabelle Ardant

Date of Birth: 04 October 1969.

Isabelle Ardant (maiden name: Chu) was born in Hong Kong and moved to the United Kingdom to attend the University of Cambridge, where she studied computer science.

Isabelle was the first woman to be recruited into Abstergo Industries by its "Young Innovators" program. She started as a digital archivist and worked her way up through the ranks, eventually securing her position as the Operations Executive for the Historical Research division.

Broadly speaking, her team manages and archives Abstergo's primary resources, genetic memories. She collects them from all the branches of the company and makes them available to one another. For example, when Lineage Research and Acquisition obtained Subject 17's genetic memories, it was Isabelle who made sure that Entertainment had access to them to create virtual entertainment features.

Getting her hands on all of Abstergo's research meant that it didn't take long for the Templar Order to notice her. They appreciated her meticulous nature and brought her into their Inner Sanctum so that she could guard their most valuable secrets.

(Which, let's be real, hasn't really worked out that great for them. Feels like they can't go six months without getting hacked! -RC)