ACS DB His Lordships Dinner Ale

Ivery Brewery - Bath - 1868


A beer! From England's prettiest city! And suitable for His Lordship's Dinner, no less!

Well, the name is appropriate, as I needed a full five-course meal to get the taste of this concoction of misery out of my sad mouth. it tastes like someone drained the water table from Highgate Cemetery, strained the bits out, and bottled it under the light of a blood moon.

I did some historical digging on this Ivery Brewery. It burned down to the ground in 1879, and do you know what? I'm glad. I hope the fire brigade sat back and watched it burn, then salted the earth because they knew that sometimes a place becomes so defiled by what's happened there that it can never be put to wholesome use again.

This is a bad beer.

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