ACS Henry Green (Database)

Date of Birth: 7 December 1843.

Henry is as good at keeping secrets as he is at meeting people. Many people do not, and most people never will, know that Henry was not always called Henry.

Jayadeep Mir was born the son of a princess and an Assassin. Arbaaz Mir, a member of the Indian Brotherhood fell in love with Pyara Kaur, the daughter of the Maharajah Kharak Singh, while racing against the Templars to find the whereabouts of the mysterious Koh-i-Noor diamond.

Jayadeep was raised and trained to be a member of the Brotherhood, but, to the frustration of many, found he was more inclined towards books than he was to violence. Hoping it was just a phase, the Brotherhood sent Jayadeep out on a mission in 1860, which he ultimately failed, putting the Brotherhood at risk.

Jayadeep was then invited to England for a more suitable mission. He left home, but was ever hopeful that someday he would return, having proved to be a capable field agent.

Over the course of his time in England he adopted many fake identities, but he came to love the very simple, curiosity-shop-owning Henry Green ("Henry," a name he heard often, and "Green" being the colour of his hat at the time).

Having made connections throughout London, he proved extremely useful upon the arrival of the Assassin twins Evie and Jacob Frye. For them, he helps in their quest to bring down the Templar control in London, having consumed as much information about the city as humanly possible.

While both sincere and hard-working, Jayadeep has a human side to him that many in the Brotherhood simply do not.