During King Henry VII's reign over England, the country enjoyed peace and stability. However, the Assassin Brotherhood worried that the King might become a victim of Templar manipulation. In 1503, a team of disguised Assassins arrived in London to aid Henry in eliminating any usurpers affiliated with the Templars. After consulting with the King, members of the Brotherhood assassinated a powerful conspirator, Margaret of York, by poisoning her food. This ensured the appearance of a natural death and removed any suspicion from the King.

Following Margaret's death, her co-conspirators took to the streets hoping to ignite an uprising against Henry. The Assassins rushed to douse the flames of rebellion only to discover it to have been an elaborate distraction. The Templars had infiltrated England's secret court, the Star Chamber, Henry's method of trying powerful public figures without any public knowledge of the proceedings.

After an investigation, the Assassins discovered the identities of the Templars within the court and turned them over to the King. To show his appreciation for their assistance, Henry kept a seat open on the Chamber for a representative of the Brotherhood.