ACS DB Helix

Helix is a cloud-based software developed by Abstergo Entertainment, enabling users to access a vast library of genetic memories that have been packed into "virtual experiences."

The various programs were largely Templar propaganda, designed to make Templars throughout history look great and the Assassins throughout history look like kill-crazy arsenuggets. And, you know, maybe some of them WERE kill-crazy arsenuggets, but they were kill-crazy arsenuggets with the more righteous cause.

Lately, the cloud software has expanded to the company's other offerings. They're very clever not to present themselves as Big Brother, but rather, as Big Mother. All of their tech and apps present themselves as being better for your quality of life. Better phones, better wearable apps to monitor your health and well-bring. They're even opening clinics in cities across the world. Abstergo healthcare sounds amazing, but every piece of Abstergo-owned technology available on the market is sending your genetic data to the cloud, in one way or another.

And quite frankly, some of you deserve it. You all rightfully balk when a social media network wants to invade your privacy, but you'll gleefully wear an Abstergo Bodyband fitness tracker and bore us all to death with your jogging humblebrags. Well, you are literally helping the enemy by jogging, so for the love of all that's holy STOP FUCKING JOGGING.

In many ways, the cloud is our new battlefield. It used to be that our war was fought in the real world, with really sharp things. Nowadays, we win or lose by who can datamine the fastest. But while they have legions of office drones chained to their desks, we've got digital recruits. Like you.