The Battle of Arsuf Plains

While his Crusaders clashed with Saladin's army at the battle of Arsuf, King Richard I, also known as “the Lionheart”, was confronted by Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, a member of the Levantine Assassins.

Altaïr accused Robert de Sable, one of Richard's most trusted generals and the Grandmaster of the Templar Order, of betraying his King by exploiting the conflict for the Templar's gain. Unsure of whom to trust, Richard ordered them to fight each other, believing that God would reveal the truth in the victor. Altaïr killed Robert and gained Richard's trust. With the King's consent, he left to confront his own Mentor back at Masyaf.

The revelations of that day, combined with Richard's inability to seize Jerusalem, led him to make peace with Saladin the following year.