The Haudenosaunee Grand Council of Chiefs is the central governing authority of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. The Haudenosaunee Grand Council is made up of 50 Chiefs, who represent each of the original Five Nations. Each of the 50 Chiefs installed on the council is named after one of the original founders of the League when it was established.

During debates of the Haudenosaunee Grand Council, the leadership are divided into three deliberating parties. The first party is made up of both Seneca and Mohawk Chiefs. The second party is made up of both Oneida and Cayuga Chiefs (including the Tuscarora Chiefs). The third party is made up of Onondaga Chiefs, called the Firekeepers.

As the facilitators of the council, the Seneca and Mohawk Chiefs present the standing issue to the Chiefs of the Oneida and Cayuga nations (including the Tuscarora Nation). Following a discussion amongst themselves, the Oneida and Cayuga Chiefs shall formulate a resolution to the standing issue and return it to the Seneca and Mohawk Chiefs for their consideration.

The two parties shall then deliberate upon the standing issue back and forth in this manner until they achieve a consensus. Once both the Seneca/Mohawk Chiefs and the Oneida/Cayuga Chiefs come to one mind, the standing issue is then passed along the Onondaga Chiefs, who shall either confirm the resolution or offer a counterproposal.

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