Hamid was the Mentor of the Indian Brotherhood of Assassins in Amritsar.
He rescued and recruited Arbaaz Mir, a young Kashmiri, during the conquest of Kashmir by the Sikh Empire in 1819. Arbaaz first seemed too reckless to become an Assassin, but Hamid saw such life and cunningness in the boy that he never let him slip away from the Creed and turned him into a decent recruit, while he would always remain reckless. Hamid was hesitant to share all his knowledge of First Civilization with Arbaaz, but decided to make him part of the big plans in 1839, by sending him to retrieve a document from an old site. Assassins had failed to find anything there, but Arbaaz and his unchallenged agility might reach new areas of the caves. Indeed, Arbaaz came back with a ciphered map. While Hamid was unable to read everything, it was obvious that the document stated that the Koh-I-Noor diamond was a Piece of Eden.
Arbaaz was then to recover the diamond, in possession of Maharajah Ranjit Singh imself. While being responsible for the death of many of Arbaaz's Kashmiri people, Singh was the last rampart against the British and the Templars. Hamid orders Arbaaz to steal the jewel.