Concept Art - Governor Torres

Laureano Torres was born in Havana to Tomas Torres y Ayala and Elvira de Quadros Castellanos. He was raised in Madrid, Spain, joined the Spanish army in his late teens, and became a Templar in his twenties, using their connections to get appointed as the governor of Spain's territories in Florida.

He returned to Europe to fight in the Spanish War of Succession. In 1708 he was appointed as the governor of Cuba, but was arrested for corruption. He was acquitted of the charges and won a re-election in 1713.

Torres developed both the Templar Order and Cuba's economy at the same time. He established the cultivation of tobacco on the island, gaining massive profits.

He recruited the French arms dealer Julien du Casse and the pirate hunter Woodes Rogers to his Order, and even managed to entice the disgruntled Assassin Duncan Walpole to join him in his quest to locate The Observatory, a structure built by the First Civilization that could only be opened by a Sage, whom Torres believed to have captured.