ACS DB Galina Voronina

Date of Birth: 30 July 1983

Galina and her twin sister Avdotya were born in an Assassin Soviet Science facility in Protvino, which honestly sounds amazing. Unfortunately, their lives were basically a never-ending horror movie.

Their facility and team acquired a schematic for an early version of the Animus, and believed that if they could create the machine before Abstergo, then the Assassins would gain an edge in our long war. Unfortunately, they lacked the materials and expertise to make the damn thing work. That didn't stop their mentor, Galina's mother, from forcing all of the Assassins into prolonged sessions, including her twin daughters.

Over time, the Bleeding Effect began to take hold, and their scientific community was driven insane. Desperate, Galina reached out for help and found Gavin Banks, an Assassin whose mission was to find surviving cells and reconnect them to a global Brotherhood.

Galina led Gavin and his team back to Protvino where they euthanized the poor deranged creatures trapped inside. Galina killed her own mother and twin sister, which isn't something I think you could consider easy, even if you often squabbled. Gavin recruited her to his team, which was good for him, as he has the unfortunate habit of getting the shit kicked out of him.

Galina's time in the Animus allowed her to acquire the skills of her Assassin ancestors. It also may or may not have driven her crazy.

(One time in Norway I saw Galina talking to herself. When I asked her about it, she told me that she was talking to her dead sister, who follows her everywhere she goes! #NOPE -RC.)

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