Al Magnifico Lorenzo de' Medici mio protettore e amico;

I have done as requested and completed my investigation into the Milano incident. I can confirm for you that it extends far beyond dissatisfaction with Duca Galeazzo Sforza's rule. It is my belief that other parties, desirous of far greater gains, manipulated events in such a way as to achieve their goals without being revealed themselves.

Lampugnani, Olgiati, and Visconti are guilty of the crime, to be sure. And they have met fitting ends for their betrayal. But several other noble families are involved as well, our own Francesco de' Pazzi among them.

Their cause and motive is not yet clear to me, but initial findings indicate a plan - the scope of which is sure to disturb you. Best we continue this conversation in person as I am hestitant to put my suspicion to paper. Reply with a place and time, and I will meet you there. I have also ordered Francesco be held by the Gonfaloniere until we can clear up this matter.

Yours in confidence,


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