ACS DB Frederick Abberline 1888

Date of Birth: 8 January 1843.
Date of Death: 10 December 1929.

A young clockmaker from Dorset, Frederick Abberline knew he was destined for bigger and more puzzling things. Joining the Metropolitan Police in 1863, it took him only two years to make a good impression and be promoted to Sergeant. He always strove to be fair and just in his line of work, but found that the law was often anything but.

In 1868, albeit with some hesitation, he joined forces with Jacob and Evie Frye, two justice-seeking rogues, to help rid the streets of the notorious Blighter gang that dominated the city's underworld.

In 1873, he became an Inspector and was transferred to Whitechapel, where he eventually led the investigation into the infamous Jack the Ripper Murders.

Although certainly beneficial at the time, Abberline spent the rest of his life questioning whether or not his early allegiance with the Fryes was ultimately just another corruption of the justice system.

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