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ACU Francois Hanriot

A Paris urchin, even if he was born in the suburbs in Nanterre, Hanriot was a true son of the people* at a time when most of the Assembly was comprised of enlightened members of the bourgeoisie and repressed lawyers.
* And by 'true son', they of course mean 'Templar puppet'. Or, as I call them, a 'Tuppet'.
Hanriot was working as a tax clerk in the Paris octroi when, on July 12, 1789, angry Parisians attempted to set fire to the building to protest against taxes. Inspired, Hanriot joined in. **
** Well - there's a guy who was happy in his work. His bosses should have seen that kind of unrest coming, really. I mean, half his name is the word 'riot'.
And so began his revolutionary career. He was promptly thrown into jail. He found glory once he and his new friends were released thanks to a press campaign overseen by Marat. An "elected" commander of the Jardin des Plantes section, he led the storming of the Tuileries on August 10.

Hanriot – and others – organized the September massacres, offering a daily wage and free wine to the killers. By May 1793, he was appointed Commander General of the Paris National Guard***. He fought against the Girondists with such fury that Marat proclaimed him "the nation's savior".
*** Presumably for his unique brand of motivational management.

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