ACU Germain Render

* Hello. Cutting in here at the beginning, because this is BIG NEWS. It's not terribly often we get eyes on a Grand Master, even one who's been dead for a couple of centuries. And a Sage to boot? This has massive potential, and we're going to need to keep on him and find out what really happened to him. All the historical documentation I can find says he died in 1791, which, unless Arno invented time travel, means that the historical record is bollocks.
A silversmith and son of a silversmith, Germain was one of the legends of his trade, but he was doomed to die in obscurity. After an ill-defined scandal, possibly involving a violation of Guild laws, he lost his position as silversmith to the King of France and was kicked out of his accommodation in the Louvre.* He employed dozens of workers in a workshop/factory that produced thousands of pieces, many of which have since been lost, stolen, or melted down.**
* If there's a kind of scandal I love, it's the ill-defined kind.
** I've got one. Makes a lovely paperweight. ***
*** On an unrelated note, I think I'll get rid of this now.

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