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ACU Frederick Rouille

Captain Frédéric Rouille joined the Gardes Françaises in 1789, just in time to witness the beginning of the Revolution. As the son of a poor cobbler, Rouille had no hope of advancement into the aristocratic officer corps of the Gardes, and by the accounts of his contemporaries (Rouille himself left no letters or journals behind and may have been illiterate), the rhetoric of the Revolution found a true believer in him. When the bulk of the Gardes Françaises defected to the Garde nationale, Rouille was among them. He rose quickly through the ranks, unhindered by his lack of aristocratic breeding, and along with Santerre was one of the key figures in the storming of the Tuileries palace.*
* He was also a violent, sadistic monster who used revolutionary fervor as an excuse to murder and pillage his way across France. But we all have our faults. I mean, I chew my nails.
He died at the Conciergerie prison, killed during the September Massacres.**
** Assassins, 4, Templars, 0

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