DB Fort Wolcott

Fort Wolcott was built to protect the nearby town of Newport, Rhode Island. The fort sits in Newport harbour on a small island known as "Goat Island".

I know almost no one who would want to live in a place called Goat Island.

Apart from one goat I know.

The original fort was built in the early 1700s by the Spanish. It was expanded by the British in the 1730s, which is when it was names Fort George (after King George II, of course). The fort was captured by Rhode Islanders twice in the 1760s and used to fire on British ships in the harbour. At the outbreak of the Revolutionary War, the rebels renamed it Fort Liberty. It was retaken by the British in November in 1776 - who decided Fort Liberty wasn't really appropriate any more and returned its name to Fort George.

It remained Fort George until about 1784, when it was again occupied by rebel forces and renamed Fort Washington. It was later renamed Fort Wolcott - after Oliver Wolcott.

I know what you're thinking and it's true this fort changed names more times than your high school band.

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