This article is about the Animus Omega database entry. You may be looking for the Animus 2.01 entry written by Shaun Hastings.

The Followers of Romulus (also known as the Secta Luporum or just simply Wolves) were a pagan cult operating in several abandoned locations underneath Roma.

The cult worshipped the mythological founder of the city of Roma known as Romulus; who was supposedly raised by wolves. The Followers believed that Romulus was part wolf and part man. The leaders of the cult were hired by the Borgia to influence the Followers into doing their bidding. These biddings often ended in "sermons" and evocations of their god.

The Followers were mainly used to cause fear amongst civilians who then in turn; would run into the arms of the Catholic Church for the promise of protection. Later, the Followers were instructed to focus on the Assassins; as they were the main enemies of the Borgia.

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