ACS DB Royal Correspondence 2


A fine morning. Terribly nervous and agitated. At 1/2 past 10 left Windsor for London, with the children, ladies, and gentlemen. Great crowds out, and so I had (for the first time since my great misfortune) an escort. Dressed after luncheon, which I could hardly touch. Wore my ordinary evening dress, only trimmed with miniver, and my cap with a long flowing tulle veil, a small diamond and sapphire coronet rather at the back, and diamonds outlining the front of my cap.

It was a fearful moment for me when I entered the carriage alone, and the band played; also when all the crowds cheered, and I had great difficulty repressing my tears. But our two dear affectionate girls were a true help and support to me, and they so thoroughly realised all I was going through. The crowds were most enthusiastic, and the people seemed to look at me with sympathy. We had both windows open, in spite of a very high wind.

When I entered the House, which was very full, I felt as if I should faint. All was silent and all eyes fixed upon me, and there I sat alone. I was greatly relieved when all was over, and I stepped down from the throne...

So thankful that the great ordeal of to-day was well over, and that I was enabled to get through it.

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