ACS DB February 1916

Dear Becky,

Your brother Andrew has asked that I write to you as he is presently unable to do so himself. Please don't be alarmed though. He has only the most superficial of wounds and is recuperating nicely. He would like me to tell you that the injury was incurred during a daring one-man incursion into enemy territory, where he defeated half the German deployment while escaping with mere scratches. I feel I should succumb to the truth and tell you instead that he accidentally set off his rifle while polishing it. Luckily, the bullet only grazed his arm. He hopes you are well and that those damned zeppelins have failed to deliver their bombs anywhere near Bromley. I certainly hope to meet you one day, as your brother has told me so much about you.

until then, I remain your faithful servant (and Andrew's right hand).

Peter Stirling.

(Both Corporal Andrew Fellows and Corporal Stirling were killed months later when the vehicle transporting them was hit by mortar fire).

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