In 1793, three men aspired to lead France. Robespierre, Danton and Marat. Danton's reputation preceded him. He was partial to money, women and good living.*
* Oh. What an oddball.
It was said that he would readily change sides if there were a profit in it for him. Like many others, he was known to be corrupt; it seemed they all were, with the exception of Robespierre, known as the "incorruptible".

Danton, however, was not sufficiently guarded: "They wouldn't dare!" he said. Set on putting principles before men, Robespierre knew this and would indeed dare.

On April 5, Desmoulins and Danton were led to the Place de la Révolution (the present-day Place de la Concorde). Robespierre thus sent his friend to the guillotine. He closed the shutters in his room to avoid seeing or hearing anything. However, the convoy that carried the members of the indulgent party to the scaffold passed in front of Robespierre's house. Danton recognized the building. Refusing to sit, he shouted out: "Robespierre, you will follow us shortly! Your house shall be beaten down and sowed with salt!"

Just before his execution, Danton turned to Sanson, his executioner, and said: "Show my head to the people. It is worth seeing." **
** It's nice to have confidence in your appearance, but that's taking it a bit far.
The blade that fell marked the end of the "indulgents". Robespierre was now free to reign supreme.

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