ACCC DB Empress Zhang

Empress Zhang (1504-1537) was the second wife of Emperor Jiajing, who had four in total. She was raised in the Forbidden City with other Concubines, and was a close friend of Shao Jun. The two girls were in competition for the favors of Zhengde, but Shao Jun was always winning, using her talents as a dancer, while Zhang was a more classic Concubine with bound feet and breasts.

She was an Imperial Concubine like Shao Jun, but that changed quickly when the Emperor died and Jiajing became Emperor. Zhang became Imperial Consort and, refusing to leave, despite knowing the cruelty of Jiajing, and [sic] became Empress in 1528.

She never gave birth to any imperial children and was deprived of her title because of conflicts with her husband, just six years later.

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