AC4DB - Edmund Judge

Born: Around 1730
Died: 1784
Judge discovered an obsession with poisons at an early age, studying and testing them on subjects ranging from local fauna, to unsuspecting schoolmates. After mastering his field and adopting the more respectable face of a physician, Judge was recruited by the Templar Order, in recognition of his determination.

Judge soon tired of Templar mores and preferred to live and work by his own rules, paradoxically claiming a philanthropic outlook while demanding compensation for his efforts, and treating patients with cures more deadly than their ailments.

Notorious for his brutal if meticulous nature, Judge came to embrace slavery and looked forward to personally implementing disciplinary measures. In a case leading to his death, he falsified a slave rebellion in an attempt to steal an artifact.

Note: I’ve reviewed the research. Let’s not focus on this guy if we can avoid it. – ML)