Having enlisted in the Virginia militia during the "French and Indian War", George Washington came under the command of British Army General and Templar, Edward Braddock. Acting as his guide, he rode with Braddock during the Battle of the Monongehala, as British forces moved to conquer Fort Duquesne.

During the campaign, Braddock and a group of his men, were ambushed by Templar Haytham Kenway and a group of natives from local tribes assembled by Kaniehtí:io of the Kanien'kehá:ka. In a desperate attempt to prevent his general's assassination, Washington shot Haytham's steed, trapping him beneath the horse. But before he could fire another shot, he was pinned down by Kaniehtí:io, who held her blade to his throat, while Haytham Kenway wriggled free and fatally wounded Braddock.

With Braddock's death and the expedition a failure, Washington rallied a retreat of the obliterated forces and recovered the body to prevent its desecration.