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DB Dead Chest Island

Not exactly a first date venue, this.

Dead Chest Island is part of the British Virgin Islands, though it's an island in the same way that Pluto is a planet - It's really more of a big rock.

However, I won't deny the place has an interesting name - and an interesting history. According to legend, Edward Teach - better known as Blackbeard - visited the "island", and left 15 of his crewmen here as a punishment. Each crewman each had a bottle of rum and cutlass - and when Blackbeard returned, most of the man were dead. Maybe the rum was bad.

Robert Louis Stevenson wrote a song about that story - you may have heard of it - "Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum/ 15 men on a Dead Man's Chest". Of course, Stevenson wrote "Dead Man's Chest" and the island's name is "Dead Chest", but that's the rhythm of poetry for you, and I think the link is fairly clear.

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