Created by Cesare Borgia as a faction of counter-Assassin specialists, the company known as the Crows was meant to eradicate the Order's presence in Italy. Their uncanny disguise skills made them invisible to all except for those among the Assassins; who possessed the gift of Eagle Vision.

Their behavior was vicious, deadly, and a travesty in relation to the way of the Assassins. As rumors went, it was said they were even trained in the way of the Order by a member of the Spanish Brotherhood. Their uniform was a jet black leather armor, adorned with crow feathers and a small cloak. They fought using exotic swords and their own deadly Hidden Blade offshoot they called "Corvix Blades."

Their hierarchy was simple. Initiates donned plain black clothes over their armor, but only the ones called "Crow Leaders" were entitled to uniforms and Corvix Blades.

The whole faction supposedly had a single Master, sometimes referred to as "Il Corvo."