AC4DB - Crocodile

The Crocodile is a large, tropical-dwelling tetrapod. Crocodiles can measure up to fifteen feet long, weigh up to two thousand pounds, and live up to seventy years of age. This prehistoric-looking predator preys on birds, fish, insects and other reptiles. The species has survived the threat of multiple mass extinctions and today remains classified as "critically endangered".

Crocodiles have been known to indulge in cannibalistic behaviour. Because of this, they live in groupings of the same size.

Not to be confused with alligators, crocodiles are bigger, lighter in color, and have narrower snouts. Although known to attack humans, the crocodile is more likely to flee than to react aggressively when approached.

(Note: WOW, someone is REALLY into crocodiles. And cannibalism. - RL)

(Note: The crocodiles Kenway encountered must have been especially bitey. - JM)

(Note: Can we keep the focus more on subjects whose ancestors or descendants impacted history? - ML)