This article is about the Animus Omega database entry. You may be looking for the Animus 2.01 entry written by Shaun Hastings.

Prostitution was one of the most popular occupations for Renaissance women, whose only other options in most cases; were staying with their families or living in a convent.

The Courtesans were one of the many factions allied to the Assassin Order. They usually aided the Assassins by collecting various pieces of information from clients, helping them hide from guards or aiding them with access to restricted areas.

The Florentine Courtesans were led by Paola and in Roma by Claudia (Ezio's sister); who took over after the death of the previous owner.

The Italian society supported prostitution, and many brothels were regulated by the government. At the end of the 15th Century, cities started to pass laws against prostitution; forcing courtesans to wear specific outfits and separating them from respected society.

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