Date of Birth: 1461.
Profession: Noble.

The third child of Giovanni and Maria Auditore, and the first girl in the family, Claudia lived a privileged childhood in Florence high society. After the murder of Giovanni and her two brothers, all that changed. Claudia, Ezio and Maria fled to Monteriggioni and the safety of their uncle Mario's Villa.

Claudia remained in the Villa, caring for her nearly-comatose mother while Ezio set off to avenge the murders. A record book recovered from by archaeologists reveals a relatively unexciting existence. Between months spent managing the Villa's finances, brief periods of activity were supplied by Ezio's visits and the renovations she was able to carry out with the money brought back from his travels.

Under her care, the town blossomed, ushering in a new era of prosperity for Monteriggioni. Claudia, however, remained cut off from the world she loved. "To hear of Ezio's adventures only reminds me of my own lack thereof. This is not the life I dreamed of as a child. Ezio does not understand. He treats me so delicately, I despair of ever emerging from this prison", she writes in one particularly poignant letter, dated July, 1495.

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