DB City Hall

This building served as New York City's City Hall starting in 1702. It was also the city jail until the New Gaol opened in 1759.

Despite New York's historically Loyalist leanings, the building has a decidedly rebel-slanted past. Delegates from 9 of the colonies met here to co-ordinate protests against the Stamp Act. That meant representatives from British-instituted legislatures were protesting what British Parliament thought best - a truly huge step at the time.

After the Constitution was ratified in 1789, Congress began to meet here and the building renamed "Federal Hall". George Washington was inaugurated as president on the balcony on April 30, 1789. Oops, sorry - spoiler alert. Yes, he wins the war and becomes president. And then it turns out he was a ghost all along.

The building was expanded in 1788, but torn down in 1812. Despite its name, the modern-day "Federal Hall National Memorial" in New York City was never actually Federal Hall.

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