Born: 1706
Died: Unknown

Aside from being born in Baltimore, much of Christopher Gist's youth is unknown. Although he had little in the way of a formal education, he was taught surveying and grew up to be a successful frontiersman.

In the years before the Seven Years' War, Gist had settled in North Carolina and was the neighbor of the celebrated frontiersman Daniel Boone.

In 1751, Gist became a member of the Templar Order, which sent him to explore the country and present himself to the indigenous people in order to secure alliances and commercial lanes.

In 1753, Gist accompanied George Washington to deliver a message to the French, demanding that they leave the Ohio Country. This event sparked the French and Indian War, and Gist would continue to fight at Washington's side.

(Fun fact: Gist was part of the Braddock expedition, which you can relive for yourself in Haytham's genetic memories! -V.)