ACS DB Catherine Eddowes

Catherine "Kate" Eddowes (14 April 1842 - 30 September 1888) was the fourth victim in the Whitechapel murders. She was the second woman killed in the early hours of Sunday 30 September 1888, a night which already had seen the murder of Elizabeth Stride less than an hour earlier.

Eddowes, also known as "Kate Conway" and "Kate Kelly" after her two successive common-law husbands, was born in Graisley Green, Wolverhampton on 14 April 1842.

In 1881, she was living with her second partner John Kelly at Cooney's common lodging-house, Spitalfields, at the centre of London's most notorious criminal rookery. Here she took to casual prostitution to pay the rent.

Friends of Eddowes described her as "intelligent and scholarly, but possessed of a fierce temper". And "a very jolly woman, always singing".

The two Assassins Rings found by Evie months after the double murder suggests that both Eddowes and Stride we working for Jacob... Perhaps the real Eddowes or Stride survived to live out their lives in some other part of the world, while the two Assassins were buried under their names...

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