AC4DB - Cathedral of Havana

Construction of the Cathedral de la Virgen Maria de la Concepcion Immaculada de la Habana was started in 1748 and finished in 1777. A mesmerizing example of Baroque aesthetics, the building's obvious asymmetry and curious construction material - coral taken from the ocean nearby - make this one of the most unique houses of worship in the world, and one of the most iconic landmarks in the West Indies.

(Note: As much as I love this building - truly "music set in stone" - we simple can't use it. 1748 is far too late for this Virtual Experience. Around 1720 it would be a small, rough church rising from drained swampland. Sorry. -DM)

(Note: What? We're selling climbable bldgs! We'll fudge the dates. - ML)

(Note: I am not on board with fudging dates. -DM)

(Note: Here at Abstergo Entertainment: Beauty before Truth. Not for us John Keats and his tidy odes. Truth is Beauty? Beauty is Truth? People want to see landmarks. -RL)

(Note: However you justify it, just shorten the damn name. JM)

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