Between 1497 and 1498, an Italian-Dominican priest named Girolamo Savonarola engaged in a political movement called The Bonfire of the Vanities; that urged the civilians of Firenze to return to medieval lifestyles.

In 1488 after the Medici, Firenze's former rulers were removed from power; and Savonarola assumed control of the city using the Apple of Eden.

It as the year of 1497 when Ezio Auditore returned to Firenze, to find it controlled by Savonarola and his lieutenants. After meeting with Niccolò, he confirmed that Savonarola took control of the city using the Apple of Eden. Ezio was eager to retrieve the apple. Niccolò also revealed that Savonarola had taken control of the city leaders.

After Ezio managed to kill all of the lieutenants, he took back the Apple of Eden from Savonarola and left for Monteriggioni.

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