Date of Birth: 1478.
Profession: Noble.

Some people live a dream, Bianca Riario...was not one of those people. In 1484, at the age of 6, she witnessed the sacking of her family's palazzo in Rome and was carried by her lunatic warrior mother into a siege at the Castel Sant'Angelo.

Next, dragged by her family to Forlì, far more horrifying delights awaited her. Shortly after Bianca's 10th birthday, her father, Girolamo, was stabbed to death and his naked body was thrown into the middle of the town square. Then her family's palazzo was sacked AGAIN and she was kidnapped by the Orsi Brothers.

Bianca escaped the Orsis and returned to her mother (how exactly this escape was accomplished is unknown). Then, when she was 16, while out on a hunting expedition with her mother's new husband, Giacomo Feo, she witnessed his brutal ambush and assassination. In 1500, Bianca's mother was taken prisoner by Cesare Borgia and apparently raped by Rodrigo Borgia and Cesare.

Cesare then killed Bianca's husband, Astorre III Manfredi, in 1502. She married again, this time to a count, Troilo I de' Rossi, who died in 1521, at which point, she wisely decided to give up on life, and went to her grave sometime around 1522.

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