From: Jasdip Dhami
To: WW-Assassins
Subject: Risk

No sign of Gramatica's lab in India. I am proceeding south through the various island nations to Australia. Abstergo's many subsidiaries continue to have a strong presence in Bangalore and they are no doubt scrambling to make sure we can't pillage another set of genetic memories.

With all due respect, I think the continued involvement of the Initiates is dangerous. They are not trained Assassins. I am forever grateful that they helped rebuild our network, and they've proved themselves invaluable as data miners.

So it's not a question of skill, but safety. I am an Assassin who accepts the risk of my chosen calling and have trained hard to protect myself. Involving a large number of civilians who simply happen to own a device connected to Helix puts them directly in the Templar's crosshairs.

I have seen firsthand what happens when civilians enter our world. It doesn't take long before things get messy. While I recognize the great threat Gramatica poses and our great need to do something about it, we need to find another way.