From: Arend Schut Cunningham
To: WW-Assassins
Subject: Europe

Well, Harlan and I just finished a whirlwind tour of western Europe and it was not as romantic as I would have liked. Thanks for interrupting our fuckin' honeymoon, Bishop. And to make things worse, so far no sign of Gramatica and his lab.

With Isabelle Ardant dead and Abstergo Historical Research scrambling to replace her, the UK is still crawling with soldiers from Sigma Team and Delta Team. It's hard to manoeuver there, but it looks more like the closing ranks to heal, rather than hiding something.

Paris is clean. Since Shaun blew up the lab, even Abstergo's not dumb enough to put a new one in the same city. However, we did notice that they seem very interested in the Saclay business cluster, but as it doesn't relate to our current mission, we can't look into it. We're going to pass through Italy as we head east, I'm super excited but poor Harlan has bad memories of Florence.

We've tried to send word to the Ninidze Brothers' people in Georgia, but we haven't heard back. The silence is pretty worrisome. The chaos in that part of the world might make for good cover for a lab? Fingers crossed. At the very least, my man and I will try to do some good while we search.

Sorry we don't have better news!


PS. Tell Galina, don't feel too bad for not killing Berg! He's been on my shit list ever since he hurt Harlan. He's MINE.