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ACU Arno Dorian

Born to Charles and Marie Dorian in 1768, Arno appears to have spent most of his early childhood traveling around Europe and North Africa with his father, his mother having left after what was described as a "philosophical difference."*
* "Philosophical difference" here can be taken to mean "found out her husband killed people for political reasons." I imagine she was very keen to "Consciously uncouple" from that guy as quickly as possible.
Arno drops out of the historical record until the mid-1780s, when his name comes up in several dispatches from the Marshallcy in and around Versailles. Fragmented records identify him as a prisoner in the Bastille in 1789, but he was not among the prisoners liberated when the fortress was stormed. The only other direct references to an "Arno Dorian" are in the journals of Napoleon, in entries dates August 1792, October 1795 and May 1808. **
** I'm still working to dig up more details on Arno's relationship to Napoleon. Suffice to say they had an... interesting friendship. In the way that a "philosophical difference" can be "interesting"...

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