ACS DB Royal Correspondence 1


Most Beloved Uncle, -

Your two precious little letters of the 23rd and 25th have touched me deeply; that you should think of writing to me when you were feeling weak and unwell is too, too kind. Dr. Jenner has written daily to me, and he laments deeply that you did not in the beginning follow their advice and did not take enough nourishment, which would have prevented all this sinking and weakness! Beloved Uncle! I earnestly and seriously entreat you never to neglect the Doctors' advice again, and to think how valuable your life is for all Europe, not to speak of me and your children.

We have most extraordinary weather, real July, with a perfectly cloudless sky and deep blue sea! It is indeed quite marvellous and not wholesome.

These American news are most dreadful and awful! One never heard of such a thing! I only hope it will not be catching elsewhere.

I heard from the dear Countess (the extract I sent you before was from Vicky), and she is most favourable to the idea of Prince Christian of Augustenburg, and the thing would now be to see how by degrees it could be naturally brought about. I will send you the copy of what she says about it to-morrow. I hope to hear your dear opinion.

Ever your devoted and unhappy Niece. V. R.

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