ACS DB April 1915

Dear Uncle,

I am recovering quite well from my wounds, so the doctors tell me. There is still such a thick air of dejection in the hospital, and we all remember the friends we've lost and in what a futile effort we lost them. The scenes of Dardanelles will haunt us for many years I expect, though I was pleased to hear your news from home. Churchill deserves much worse than to be cast out of the admiralty for the mess he brought us into at Gallipoli. If, as you say, he is making plans to see the Western Front for himself, then no doubt his recklessness will bring him graver punishment. I look forward to sailing home once I am sufficiently well, and appreciate your offer of a post in Westminster. I intend to do you proud, and to endeavour to win this war from the offices of London since I could accomplish so little here.

Your faithful nephew, George.

(Lieutenant George Featherway had a short career as a politician and prospered as a businessman after the war.)

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