The following is an excerpt from a series of log entries from an Assassin lab in Protvino, outside of Moscow:

I was stealing animals from the Moscow zoo to use for testing when I saw a man being chased by police, though I knew them to be Templar footsoldiers. I killed them and was shocked to find that their quarry was an Assassin like me, but an American. As thanks, the man told me the cause of his predicament: A series of blueprints stolen from Abstergo. The plans document a machine called an “Animus.” It is unlike anything I've ever seen before.

He told me to take the plans to my team, to build this machine before the Templars. He said it had the potential to change everything. He made me promise to keep him up to date with our progress.

I asked how I would be able to contact him. He told me that he was in the city to meet with another Assassin cell based in Moscow. Are there really two? Is our Brotherhood so broken and fractured now that we cannot share a city?

He said that if I ever needed him, I was to meet him at this spot, between the old and new zoos, on the night of a full moon.

I asked how he would know that I had been there. The man smiled. So brash. So young.

He said: “I've got eyes and ears everywhere. I'll know, and I'll find you.”

The man's name was William.