Chat Log: V.DaCosta@AbstergoInd.cor; M.Lemay@AbstergoEnt.cor

-Message sent at 3:27pm-

V.DACOSTA: Mel. Got a minute?

M.LEMAY: Sure.

V.DACOSTA: You've been briefed on the security breaches?

M.LEMAY: Broad strokes. I have a meeting @ 17:00 to learn more.

V.DACOSTA: I'll be there. Just a heads up though - expect some panic.

M.LEMAT: ??? What's going on?

V.DACOSTA: A new breach this morning. Something we've never experienced before.

M.LEMAY: Is it bad?

V.DACOSTA: Probably. Not sure yet. Someone slipped right through our firewalls with one of the most well coordinated attack we've ever seen. Seventeen seperate servers compromised simultaneously in perfect unison, each via completely separate backdoor programs.

M.LEMAY: Meaning?

V.DACOSTA: Meaning somehow a single entity was capable of launching 17 compeltely independent attacks rather than one attack on 17 targets - the equivalent of someone playing and winning 17 separate chess games in the span of a few seconds.

M.LEMAY: Assassins?

V.DACOSTA: I can't imagine how. They have good tech, but they're never so blatant and they never split their priorities. This was a massive data sniff perpetrated by a single person or small group.

M.LEMAY: What did they take?

V.DACOSTA: They didn't TAKE anything, but they scanned almsot everything. Genetic memory archives, precurses analyses, raw DDS data. Lots of things people on the outside shouldn't even know about. They were looking for something, but I can't be sure if they found it.

M.LEMAY: Could it have come from the inside?

V.DACOSTA: That's what we assumed. What makes the whole thing strange, though, is that the data seems to have been moved around Abstergo's servers multiple times over the course of the attack. Shuffled, reorganized, and most likely altered.

M.LEMAY: Meaning what?

V.DACOSTA: It's hard to explain. It's almost as if two parts of a single program - one on the inside and one on the outside - just... sort of "joined up" and came to life, so to speak.

M.LEMAY: Talk to me like I'm 5. What does that mean?

V.DACOSTA: It's going to sound nuts...

M.LEMAY: Try me. I'm getting used to it.

V.DACOSTA: It's almost as if some sort of rogue bot or AI program is actually "living" in the network, so to speak. Moving freely around our servers. And somehow it has found a way to slip in and out of our network without tripping our alarms. We only managed to notice this time because we were going over the packet logs one by one today.

-Last messge sent at 3:34pm-

V.DACOSTA: You there?

-Last message sent at 3:54pm-

M.LEMAY: Sorry, I had to make a phone call. Your last message sent me spinning.

V.DACOSTA: Thought it might. Any ideas?

M.LEMAY: One. I hope I'm wrong.


M.LEMAY: Have you done any research into Digital Cognizance Imprints?

V.DACOSTA: I studied the Kaczmarek case about a year ago. Is that what you mean?

M.LEMAY: That, but possible on a far greater scale. Are you coming to the meeting tonight?

V.DACOSTA: Sounds like I should.

M.LEMAY: You'd better.

V.DACOSTA: K. See you there.

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