Operations, Historical Research

Álvaro... I hope you're sitting down. This still was extracted from the Standish sample last week. The total video we have amounts to barely 2.7 seconds at 60 FPS from a total of 14 interlaced memories. But even with this obscure sample, I'm already getting butterflies in my gut. I pulled one frame from the video to show you how mangled the data is. But even at this quality some striking details emerge:

ACU DB Precursor Memo

Note the guard-like figures, a full 20 inches taller on average than the humanoids nearby ... and clearly calling the shots. The architecture looks like some combination of Sumerian, Egyptian, and Babylonian... but the metals they're using are ultra-modern alloys. Elsewhere we see stranger architectural shapes. These structures have no modern precedent anywhere in the world, though the memory's geo-stamp gives us a location south west of the Hoggar Mountains.

Unfortunately, most of the geo-stamps on these images are confusing. Some point to a location in modern Jordan some 80,000 years ago, other to a few locations in Tanzania and Ethiopia. But so far, we haven't been able to nail anything down with much precision.

Please call or email if you have any questions. I'm eager to talk and discuss our next steps.


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