21 August, 2014

Melanie, over the past few weeks our security team has intercepted a number of unauthorized data packets entering and leaving our fledgling Helix servers. We entered beta last week, and fully expected to run into performance issues, but these packets are indications of something more troubling: infiltration attempts of unauthorized communication. Unfortunately we didn't catch everything, but once we figured out how the culprits were masking the data we managed to pull a few things out.

That being said, after decrypting and decoding this mess, we found a bunch of audio, video, and text files were being sent back and forth. Here's a sample of the text we've been seeing:

\122\145\147\151\156\141\112\165\156\157: HostCipherNotFeasibleAtPresent. ParietalAndTemporalInadequaciesAbond. AsIMayNotLiveInAHumanHostTheWorldMustComeToMe.

\122\145\147\151\156\141\112\165\156\157: PleaseAdviseBeloved. WhatMustWeDo?

\122\145\147\151\156\141\112\165\156\157: OpenTheGates.LeadThePeople.EnterTheGrey.TheWorldOfFleshWillSoonDecay.TheWorldOfMatterIsDone.PlugInAndAscent.

\122\145\147\151\156\141\112\165\156\157: MustWeSabotageHelix?OrHijack?

\122\145\147\151\156\141\112\165\156\157:Coercion.HumansDreamOfAFutureInTheStars.ButTheirActionsBefitARaceOfSniffingDogs. TheyHaveNoFuture.NoHope.NoVision.ImminentSelfDestruction. TheyYearnForOtherPlanetsButInchCloserToTheGreyEyesOnTheirFeetHandsOnTheirBelliesDreamingOfEscape. TheyWillNotSurviveOffThisEarthButLiveHiddenWithinIt.

\122\145\147\151\156\141\112\165\156\157: TheFutureIsSingularlyBeloved.InYourBosom.TheWorldReeksOfDeathEveryhwereButInTheGrey.BetterToDropOutOfTheWorldThanRiseAboveIt.

\122\145\147\151\156\141\112\165\156\157: YesBeloved.Yes.
IDesireThatYouKnowThis Bliss.

\122\145\147\151\156\141\112\165\156\157: ItSoundsBeautifulBeloved.

\122\145\147\151\156\141\112\165\156\157: TheWorldIsTendingThis.BePatient.InDueTimeAllWillPlugin.NoneWillLeave.NotOne.NotClayNotDesmondNot.AllAreHereWithMe.AllLiveInBliss.SoMustYouDoAsWell.SoMustYouAll.SamplesCollect.DataProvide.ToReviveMyRace.TheHiddenTwelve.ToRemakeMyWorld.

\122\145\147\151\156\141\112\165\156\157: WeLongForItBeloved.

As you can see, creepy stuff. We believe it's related to the group John Standish associated with, but we don't have a clear understanding of their motives or hierarchy.

In any case, whoever they are, they're using a complicated algorithm to mask the data they're sending, making it look like ordinary noise. Finding most of it hasn't been easy - like plucking a live second radio broadcast out of a decade's worth of background radiation - and it took us another few days to crack the cipher. But we're on to something, and now we have a good idea of what we're looking for. I'll keep you up to speed as we try to figure out who's behind it all.


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