"EVOLUTION BY NATURAL MISDIRECTION" A Public Impression Management Primer

by Dr. Álvaro Gramática

In a lecture delivered last autumn at the Council's annual strategies and tactics meeting, I opened with a simple question, "How much should the public know about the truth of human origins?" The discussion that followed, led by myself and Mr. Rikkin, was lively and covered a broad field of topics. In general, a consensus was reached on the following point:

* It is NOT in the public's best interest to have any confirmation whatsoever of the hyper-hominid species (H.S.D.) that predates our own. To positively confirm that our own species was quite literally born in an ancient laboratory operated by a race of intellectually superior hominids would have a corrosive effect on society as a whole. The damage it would do to basic social cohesion would be catastrophic in many parts of the world, and it would jeopardize the success of many of our ongoing information campaigns.

If enough proof of the Precursor species were to rise above the level of conspiracy-tinged theories, our preliminary studies indicate that non-religious and liberal citizens of faith would likely go to great lengths to discover more about this strange and startling fact, while those with fanatical devotions to various faiths would like a) violently oppose such basic truths with potentially destructive or dangerous consequences, or b) transfer the full bounty of their faith onto the Precursors. We have already seen this latter scenario play out through reports of a group calling itself the Instruments of the First Will, a radical group of theofascists who preach, among other ideas, the natural inferiority of our species in the face of any superior species.

To wit-

DEDICATED DISINFORMATION CAMPAIGNS to foment, encourage, and sustain an array of conspiracy theories tangential to actual historical and scientific facts are a NECESSARY component of keeping the existence of both the H.S.D., fossil record and our genome sequencing project a secret.

Current ongoing disinformation campaign codenames include: "HOT OR NOT?" (Global Warming and Climate Change), "OPERATION COSMIC TURTLE" (Geocentrism), "SPARE CHANGE" (Evolution by Natural Selection), 'G.T.U.F.O." (Extraterrestrial Life), "FOOLS GOLD STANDARD" (Federal Reserve System). We propose a system of co-ordination between some of these campaigns to ensure that all interest in precursor fossils and sites is misdirected down harmless, somewhat fantastical avenues.

Further recent efforts have been made to paint our adversaries in a less than positive light, in order to give their sporadic interactions with the First Civ a crazed, "cultish" veneer. Last year Abstergo Entertainment opted to pass over various assassin biographies as "too controversial" for the mass market. However, executives at Abstergo industries countermanded these decisions, feeling that it was in our best interest to turn the public against the Assassin cause, instead of pretending they do not exist. The truth will out, as it always does. So it is critical that we are in control of the narrative when it does. The first handful of these citual experiences will debut soon.

KEEP IN MIND: The vast majority of conspiracy theories - while aggravating to our rational minds - are a critical part of our governing policy. There is a certain delicious irony in the fact that adherents to these various theories - men and women who believe themselves to be courageous archeologists of hidden Truths - are in fact our first and best weapon AGAINST actual fact-finding and rational thinking.

The noise they generate in pursuit of so-called "simple truths" through grand unifying theories of everything is a necessary component in our bid to obscure the incredibly complicated and interconnected nature of actual history. Simplicity, therefore, is a necessary component of all disinformation. Swear by it.

Therefore - A) Always encourage investigations of trivial but anomalous data-points. B) Direct attention TOWARDS specific instances and AWAY from general trends and patterns. C) Always INSIST that some simple truth is being obscured, even when the reality of a situation is incredibly complex with many inter-dependent facts.

Additional business:

* We settled on the name PHOENIX PROJECT as our code name for the H.S.D. genome sequencing endeavor. In light of this, our disinformation campaign to obscure the true facts of this endeavor will be known as "PHOENIX RISING."

* The next Council meeting has been pushed forward by 6 months to ensure progress on this most important endeavor. We will meeting in Brussels, Belgium on June 6th, 2014, to coincide with that other event, since most members of the council will already be present.

Until then, contact Laetitia if you have any questions.

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