ABSTERGO ENTERTAINMENT - HELIX TEAM Virtual Reality eXposition (VEX) Press Training

WHERE: Los Angeles, California - Aurora Center, downtown.
WHEN: 10 - 12 June, 2014
WHO: Melanie Lemay, CCO; Marc Scheling; Executive Producer; Pierre-Louis Belanger, Project Director; Anthony Gbinigie, Tech Director.
LODGINGS: TBD (There are three hotels downtown we generally use.)
CONTACT: Jennifer Tam (Me!), <J.Tam@AbstergoEnt.cor>

*HELIX is NOT "Virtual Reality" 00 it is a VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE of ACTUAL HISTORY.
*"History is YOUR playground"
*HELIX is built on ANIMUS TECHNOLOGY ("Abstergo's proprietary Genetic Memory Extraction Hardware.")
*ABSTERGO has been developing ANIMUS tech for FOUR DECADES.
*ANIMUS Technology is PROPRIETARY. There are currently NO plans to outsource or license this technology to other companies.
*Worldwide simultaneous release, Fall 2014.

--DOs and DON'Ts--
*Use words and phrases like "innovative," "immersive," "Total Immersian", "Virtual Experience", "True history," and "The final frontier of pure entertainment."
*Elaborate on our flagship virtual experience: "The Tragedy of Jacques de Molay" -- 14th Century France; Last of the Knights Templar; Action, Suspense and Adventure.
*Tease our forthcoming features without naming names. Something like "Our forthcoming virtual experiences will explore all sides of history -- good and evil and all the shades in between."
*Spark imagination by asking journalists what time period THEY would like to visit. Ask them if they have any famous people in their ancestral line.
*Emphasize SAFETY; "Safety is our priority. If this technology wasn't 100 percent stable, we wouldn't release it."
*Expound on the core virtues of HELIX: History, Truth, Immersion, FUN!
*Talk up the HELIX Core Team: Inspired, Hard-working, Experiences; 343 collective years of industry experience!
*Talk up Abstergo Entertainment: The best and the brightest; a studio full of talent; the most talented and creative minds on earth.

*Do not dignify any rumors about the disappearance of past Abstergo Employees with any kind of response. These rumors are scurrilous attempts to tarnish our company's reputation and should be brushed off with a simple "We don't respond to false accusations and crack-pot theories."
*Do not mention "Data Tracking," "Cortex Monitoring," fMRI-Omega technology, "Hippocampal Shock", "Occipital ghosting", "Brain Death", "Server Bridges", "Rogue Programs", or "Erudito". These are industry terms what will only raise false alarms in the minds of muckraking entertainment bloggers from San Francisco. The last thing we need is a 60 point hyperventilating headline on the front page of some squawking tech blog proclaiming "ABSTERGO ENTERTAINMENT IS TRYING TO KILL YOU."
*Do not answer questions about Abstergo Industries or its subsidiaries, other than Abstergo Entertainment. Deflect questions of this nature with a simple "I'm here to talk about HELIX as an employee of Abstergo Entertainment," or just a simple "That's not my area of expertise, no comment."
*Do not go into specifics about the nature of genetic memory. A simple "Each man and woman on earth carries around some portion of the collective memories and experiences of their ancestors. Abstergo's various technological breakthroughs in the past few decades have led us to a point where we are able to extract, organize, and replay these memories for the public" will suffice.
*Never speak badly of past projects. Spin negatives into positives, E.G. If they say "The film 'Devils of the Caribbean' was a frightful mess of clichés, dime-store moralizing, and pandering stereotypes. Who thought this bucked of bilge water was a good idea?" You say "Certainly we realized very early in production that 'Devils of the Caribbean' would not be the ideal experience for everyone. But for those who want a fun, exciting, and lighthearted look at the Golden Age of Piracy, their ship has come to port."
*DO NOT CONFIRM co-operative virtual experiences. You MAY say "This is technology we have definitely considered, and are looking into it as we speak." We will be unveiling this feature at a later date.