ACU Elise Render

The only daughter of François and Julie De La Serre, Élise grew up in a modestly wealthy but incredibly privileged environment. As a member of the aristocracy in the waning days of the Ancien Regime, she had access to the finest tutors, medicine, and food available. After her mother's death in 1778, Élise spent a great deal of time travelling, including several years of study in Paris.*
* Seems likely she was getting a healthy dose of Templar training/indoctrination during this time. Must be nice to get your training along the French Riviera. I had to make do with a leaky shed in Wolverhampton.
After her father's death, she seems to vanish from documented history, likely as a result of Revolutionary efforts to purge records of the nobility.*
* Or the Templars trying to cover up one of their regime changes.
The De La Serre crypt lists her death as 1794.

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