ACUDB - Eglise Saint-Eustache

The second biggest church in Paris is situated at the center of Les Halles started out as a modest chapel dedicated to Sainte-Agnès, a Roman martyr. Later, relics of St. Eustache were brought to the church, and that saint (whose symbol is a large stag deer overseen by a cross) became the church's namesake. With the development of the central market of Les Halles, the parish church became too small. The current church took 105 years to construct (1532-1637). It's gothic structure and renaissance detail, to say nothing of its dimensions, make it a surprising edifice. Moreover, it curves to the north since it was built along the line formed by the rue Trainée (Rambuteau), since no one wanted to expropriate the shopkeepers who were installed there. It is missing its southernmost tower.