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AC2 Database Menu

Database menu of Animus 2.0

The Database refers to a collection of information that could be used by any person for use within the Animus virtual machine, providing background information on people, locations and items seen while using the device.[1][2][3][4]


Animus 2.01Edit

ACB Database menu

Database menu of Animus 2.01

Before Desmond Miles was put into a comatose state, the database was maintained by Shaun Hastings, and whenever Ezio saw something of interest, he could flag the database entry into Desmond's view, for the purpose of gaining greater knowledge about the entry's subject.

With the database being maintained from the outside of the Animus, Shaun or Rebecca Crane could add comments or details of their own, including mentions of Glyphs and other important items of interest in the database. It could also help Desmond reach tombs, Glyphs and other specific places whenever he needed to.[1][2]

Animus 2.0 Database Entries:

Animus 2.01 Database Entries:

Animus 2.03Edit

ACR Database Menu

Database menu of Animus 2.03

When Desmond fell into a comatose state due to the events in the Colosseum, he was sent into the Animus' Black Room to recover. Because of this, Shaun could no longer monitor his activities when reliving Ezio's life, with the virtual construct of Clay Kaczmarek (also known as Subject 16), taking on his role and writing database entries for Desmond to read.

Clay also added in some comments to help Desmond within the Animus, but unlike Shaun and Rebecca, he wrote it within the database entry itself.[3]

ACR TLA Database Menu

Database menu of The Lost Archive

The Lost Archive, which contained some of Clay's own memories, could be accessed via the Animus Island's portals, and contained its own database. It kept track of the decipher fragments and letters as well as transcripts of voice logs.

The voice logs became available for viewing only after completing the first memory, and the logs for the decipher fragments and letters by gathering them.

Animus 3.01Edit


Database menu of Animus 3.01

With Desmond fully conscious once more, Shaun regained his role, for which he supplemented Desmond's time in the Animus 3.01 with information again. A folder on the Kanien'kehá:ka was provided by a friend of Shaun, who believed the information was for a presentation.

As Connor earned money through hunting, the database would also be used to provide Desmond with information on animals and how to effectively hunt them.[4]

Animus OmegaEdit

AC4 Database

Database menu of Animus Omega

For the Animus Omega, drafts of database articles were posted by Abstergo Entertainment employees.[5]


Following the 2012 phenomenon, the hacker group Initiates began compiling database entries covering information known by the Assassins and Templars.[6]


  • The various databases commonly held incorrect information on birth years. For example, Francesco de' Pazzi and Vieri de' Pazzi, who were father and son, were stated to have an age difference of 10 years.
  • Most of the files for the Animus 2.0 and 3.0 were obtained from Abstergo, as Shaun mentions that they have more info, with multiple references pointing out to this.


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