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The Dark Oracle (unknown – 1192), also known as The Witch, was a mysterious woman rumored to have been able to see the future, and reveal vital information regarding resisting the Templars.


Templar imprisonment

She was held imprisoned in a dark cell by Armand Bouchart, who used her knowledge against his enemies in Cyprus. As the resistance knew almost nothing about her, she had become an incredibly feared myth among them.


When the Levantine Assassin Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad found her, she was revealed to be a young, feral woman wearing broken shackles on her wrists. Altaïr identified her as previously being a woman of nobility, suggesting that she was the same noble he had overheard was stripped of her castle and wealth by the Templars. It is believed that she had once assisted or known of the resistance before she was imprisoned; though after being driven mad in her cell, she started to inform the Templars about their enemies.

Altaïr attempted to communicate with her, but the Witch only rambled about her being God's instrument, before attacking him. The Assassin defeated her, and was forced to kill her. This ended her madness, the dreaded myth about her as well as the information leaks on the resistance.


  • She is thought be based on ancient Greek oracles; female diviners with prophetic powers including the prediction of the future.